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LUSITANUS EDIÇÕES - The Giant´s Mermaid
The Giant´s Mermaid
Música para Banda - Peças Originais de Concerto - Grau 4 - Um pouco Dificeis
Original de: Fritz Neuböck
Referência:  TE
Grau de dificuldade:  4 Um pouco Dificil
Duração aprox.:  9´55´´
Preço:  104,95  
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„The Giant´s Mermaid“ tells the catching fairytale of the Giant Erla, who lived in Traunstein. This giant reigned over the Elfs and Dwarfs and all treasures from the big area Salzkammergut. One day he came down from the mountain and noticed this beautiful mermaid, playfully sliding on thew waves at Lake Laudach. He looked at her for a long time and noticed she seemed to have no fear for him. The inevitable happened and the couple fell hoplessly in love. Erla decided to build a beautiful castle at Lake Traun for his Blonderl. With unbelievable force he tore pieces of rock out of the rock massive and swung them to the valley so an island would arise, where his people could build the castle Ort. Meanwhile Erla’s size was minimalised by a witch, so he would make a better fit with the mermaid. He then married his Blonderl and they had a great wedding celebration. Unfortunately, soon the mermaid become quiet and sad. She wanted her previous carefree life back. After only a year the giant was alone again. He regained his old posture, climbed back to the massive and left the castle to mankind.


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