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Airport Jam
Música para Banda - Carácter Ligeiro
Original de: Olivier Pols
Referência:  TE-
Grau de dificuldade:  5 Difícil
Duração aprox.:  6´20´´
Formato das partes:  A3
Preço:  122,95  
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Completa no CD - Poseidon

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The idea for this piece came to me when I was waiting for a connecting flight at the Miami airport. A flight got cancelled at the other side of the terminal and passengers became nervous and impatient. At that moment, a lively, swinging melody for a funky tune crossed my mind and afterwards I arranged that for wind band. If one listens to or looks at the form of the piece, one will notice it never stops, there’s always movement, which symbolises the busyness of the airport. Percussion and bass parts are very active, also almost every instrument range has a parade somewhere, so for musicians it’s fun to play. Finally, in the end the airplane does leave the airport. Glorious and full of pride the giant of the sky takes off and the sun slowly descends behind the horizon.


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