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LUSITANUS EDIÇÕES - Finale from The New World Symphony
Finale from The New World Symphony
Arrengements / Transcriptions of "Classical Music" in PDF
Original by: Antonín Dvorák
Arrangement by: Adelino Mota
Code:  LE-CBA/259/17
Level:  3,5 Not Dificult
Duration:  8:10
Price:  50  
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This is the 4th and last performance of the 9th Symphony of Dvorak, known as the New World Symphony.
After being based in the United States, it would have been his first work influenced by the Afro-American music, without however having used any melody of this song, because his idea was to create a new sonority.
This move is the most famous of the symphony and became famous because it was the music that astronaut Neil Armstrong heard when he landed on the moon in 1969.
In this arrangement, some parts were slightly simplified and others suppressed, nevertheless retains the character of the original work.




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Arrengements / Transcriptions of "Classical Music" in PDF

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