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Fire & Ice
Original Concert Pieces - Grade 4
Original by: Otto M. Schwarz
Code:  DHP 0991724-010
Level:  4 Almost Difficult
Duration:  4:00
Price:  104,99  
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Otto M. Schwarz composed Fire & Ice for a symphonic rock project commissioned by the national music schools of the Austrian cities of Imst and Pitztal. In these cities, winter tourism plays an important role in the economy with spectacular weekly displays by winter sportsmen and women.
The performances of the freestyle acrobats take place in the evening and draw huge crowds. Using torches and other pyrotechnics, these acrobats entertain the audience by means of fire, lights, snow, ice and acrobatics.
This piece makes a perfect opening or final work for any concert. It will especially be a favourite among younger audience members.




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Original Concert Pieces - Grade 4

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