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Original Concert Pieces - Grade 3
Original by: Otto M. Schwarz
Code:  SDP081-21-02
Level:  2,5 Easy
Duration:  7:15
Price:  89,99  
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At the best viewpoint over the Alps of Liechtenstein, the village of Guflina is situated. Underneath the overhanging ledge, there is said to have been a cave in the mountain. In it lived a terrible dragon that was on the rampage on the surrounding meadows, spreading fear and terror among the population. At the same time there lived a giant man up in Guflina, who had the strength of twelve normal men. The farmers implored him to help them in their distress.
The giant ventured to fight the dragon and was lying in wait above the cave. When the dragon refused to appear, the giant threw stones into the entrance of the cave. They got into a fight, which the giant only just won with difficulty. Since that day, people have lived in peace and prosperity.




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Original Concert Pieces - Grade 3

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