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Original Concert Pieces - Grade 4
Original by: Otto M. Schwarz
Code:  SDP045-21-02
Level:  4 Almost Difficult
Duration:  9:06
Price:  139,99  
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Two boys from Felanitx: Pere Obrador and Miquel Angel Cerda. Having finished school, one stayed in Mallorca, while the other one left to study in Madrid. Some years later, homesickness and a yearning for the sea brought Miquel back. The turning point in their lives came in 1994. They realised their dream and produced their first wine. Their vision was to produce a real “Balearic Wine” from native grapes such as Callet, Mantonegro and Fogoneu. Anima Negra captures the stunning landscape of Mallorca in a single glass of wine. It reflects the sun, salinity and energy of the island and has conquered the world.




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Original Concert Pieces - Grade 4

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