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LUSITANUS EDIÇÕES - Coro dos Hebreus
Coro dos Hebreus
Band and Choir in PDF
Original by: Giuseppe Verdi
Arrangement by: Margarida Louro
Code:  LE-CBA/211/10
Level:  3 Medium
Duration:  4:00
Format:  A3 e A4
Price:  50  
For sale in PDF format

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For sale in PDF format. Contact us by email to order. The piece (Score and parts) will be sent by email and Authenticated with the client´s name .

Once again, Margarida Louro brings us another arrangement for Band and Choir.
Considering the other arrangement´s popularity, this will also be a very important piece for joined reportoire.
With a melody that is known to the whole world, this arrangement is light and pleasing.





Demo Score

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Band and Choir in PDF

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