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Dublin Pictures
Original Concert Pieces - Grade 3
Original by: Marc Jeanbourquin
Code:  DH-1837-12-010
Level:  3 Medium
Duration:  7:45
Price:  139,99  
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Only demo available in this page.
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Or by the CD From Crystals and Eagles - Best Selections for Concert Band or only this piece, thru the iTunes

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Ireland is a multi-faceted country that has developed a popular and distinctive musical culture. The first movement of Dublin Pictures reflects Irish festivals where there is dancing and traditional beer flowing. More tranquil in its feel, the second movement illustrates the landscape that can be seen from the Ha´penny Bridge, a bridge that crosses the River Liffey in Dublin. This movement highlights the wide range of the orchestra´s sound colours as the musicians´ voices combine with the wind and percussion to accompany the soloist. The lively and joyful rhythms of the last movement take the listener to Temple Bar, the famous tourist quarter of the city, well known for its vibrant nightlife. The music´s energy and virtuosic motifs are in contrast to the previous movement and provide a spirited and festive finale.





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Original Concert Pieces - Grade 3

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