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LUSITANUS EDIÇÕES - A Nottingham Festival
A Nottingham Festival
Original Concert Pieces - Grade 4
Original by: Philip Sparke
Code:  DH-AMP336-010
Level:  4 Almost Difficult
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Only demo available in this page.
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Or by the CD East Meets West or only this piece, thru the iTunes

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This celebratory work, which Philip Sparke wrote for the 20th anniversary of the Nottingham Concert Band, starts with a hymn-like theme played as a fanfare in the brass. With a change of mood from "solemn" to "merry" and back to "majestic", together with an unusual orchestration, in which different instruments may feature and in which at some points the entire wind orchestra shimmers in tutti passages, A Nottingham Festival is a real pleasure for musicians and public alike.





Demo Score

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Original Concert Pieces - Grade 4

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