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LUSITANUS EDIÇÕES - And Still, the Spirit
And Still, the Spirit
Original Concert Pieces - Grade 3
Original by: Philip Sparke
Code:  DH-AMP425-010
Level:  3 Medium
Duration:  8:15
Price:  139,99  
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This work was commissioned by Dr. Robert Oertli from Möhlin, Switzerland, and is based on an earlier composition called Spirit of the Sequoia.
The piece is inspired by how the human spirit can gain from setbacks: we become stronger after adversity.
Sparke used the Californian redwood tree as a metaphor for this basic idea. The remarkable life cycle of these amazing trees involves them dropping seeds to the ground, which require heat to open their shells and germinate; the seeds require destruction in order to procreate.
This piece is particularly suitable for younger bands - one of the last wishes of the initial commissioner.




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Original Concert Pieces - Grade 3

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