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St Paul´s Suite
Arrengements / Transcriptions of "Classical Music"
Original by: Gustav Holst
Arrangement by: Philip Sparke
Code:  AMP 455-010
Level:  4 Almost Difficult
Duration:  13:00
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Between 1905 and 1934, Gustav Holst was Director of Music at St Paul´s Girls School in Brook Green, London. St Paul´s Suite, written for the school´s string orchestra, was premiered there in 1913 and consists of four movements: an energetic Jig in 6/8 and 9/8, Ostinato, based on a simple 4-note theme, Intermezzo, an energetic and rhythmic dance and Finale, adapted from the Second Suite in F in which Holst brilliantly combines The Dargason and The English Dancing Master, with the traditional melody, Greensleeves.




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Arrengements / Transcriptions of "Classical Music"

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