LUSITANUS EDIÇÕES - Forty Thousand Light Years
Forty Thousand Light Years
Música para Banda - Peças Originais de Concerto - Grau 4 - Um pouco Dificeis
Original de: Harry Richards
Referência:  TE-115520HA
Grau de dificuldade:  4 Um pouco Dificil
Duração aprox.:  9´47´´
Formato das partes:  A3
Preço:  122,95  
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Completa no CD - Forty Thousand Light Years

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While sitting on his carriage, the handsome Eros flies through the galaxy, looking for HIS star, the falling star Alpha. With the speed of lightning, he succeeds in diverting colossal meteorites. He slips between countless planets in the galaxy and in the end, he can touch Alpha, HIS destination and refuge, with the tips of his fingers.” Harry Richards portrayed this space adventure musically. The melodies and rhythmic and sound effects are beautifully utilised and thus picture the admirable vision of Mankind on the infinity of the galaxy. This piece is very well suited for contests.


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